Product Review: A Fantastic Organic Red Wine Selection From Ettore of California


Recently I had the opportunity to try some organic wine from a company that has endeared itself to me quite a bit over the past few months, Ettore Organic Winery in Mendocino, California.

I chose the Merlot, a red wine that retails for 35 dollars on the company’s website, not realizing that it was a red wine instead of a white wine. That shows how much I wasn’t thinking at the time, and how limited my knowledge of wine is in comparison with my knowledge of superfoods.

While I have been a moderate wine drinker for most of my adult life, I still wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I ordered this wine.

After trying it, now I know more than ever: Ettore is the best moderately priced, high quality organic wine I’ve ever tried, and their Merlot was just as good as the other varieties from Ettore I have tried previously.


Key Characteristics of Ettore Organic Merlot


The Ettore website describes their organic merlot in-depth, noting the following characteristics:

-Grown in mostly gravely, bench land loamy soils

-Vintage 2018

-Grown and picked by hand at 500-600 feet of altitude

-Aging potential 2025

-Alcohol content: 12.5%

-Origin: Sanel Valley Vineyards

-Price: $35.00 a bottle

My Impressions of Ettore Organic Merlot Zero


Overall I really liked this wine quite a bit.

Over the years I have grown to enjoy white wines more than reds, but this particular Merlot really grew on me the more I drank it.

If I could describe it in five words I would use the following:





-Slightly bitter

The bitterness can be counteracted by using a wine aerator, which I did in this particular case.

While I oftentimes buy sweet wines I must say I really enjoyed the depth and complexity of this wine despite a slight hint of bitterness.

Overall, I absolutely love this wine.

For $35.00 it’s a great deal if you’re into super high quality and reasonably priced organic wines (find it here).

Ultimately, I like it a lot but I am a bigger fan of the following two red wines from this company: the Cabernet Sauvignon (this one is amazing and 17 dollars more) and the Ettore Rosso, which has blackberry and currant flavors retailing for $42.00.

All things considered, you can’t go wrong buying organic wine from Ettore.

This company is incredible and better than any other organic wine brand I have ever tasted.

Special thanks to Ettore for providing this wine sample for review, and thanks to everyone for reading.

Learn more on their website here




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