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Victory! Monsanto Patent on One of World’s Most Popular Fruits Finally Revoked After Challenge From Environmental Groups

While Monsanto, now owned by German pharmaceutical, chemical, and agricultural giant Bayer, is perhaps most known for its genetically engineered seeds, the company also has a history of bringing hybridized seeds to market. Hybridized seeds are not spliced laboratories like genetically engineered seeds (also known as GMOs or genetically modified [...]
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How to Keep Ticks from Biting You with One Simple Natural Remedy

      In the United States, there were more than 25,000 reported and another 10,000 probable cases of Lyme disease in 2013, according to the CDC. Most of the cases happen between June and August, with July being the worst month. Lyme disease is transmitted to humans through a [...]
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“We Have Mushrooms Growing Just on Cancer” – Professor Discovers Mushrooms That Break Down and Destroy Cancer Cells

  Cancer research has tried many unusual ways of treating the dreaded disease, from scorpion venom and bee stings to mistletoe extract treatments.  But what this professor has discovered might become the strangest cancer discovery of the decade. Researcher, and the head of Oral Robert University’s Cancer Lab, Dr. William [...]
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